Casie Jane Fox

Casie is a RYT 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga teacher, with a foundation in dance and massage. She has taught yoga retreats throughout Central America and Europe, and offers public and private classes on the Monterey Peninsula and beyond! Her specialties include energizing choreographed Vinyasa flows, breaking down challenge poses to their foundations, and empowering students to find their own way into movement.

Casie weaves her dance background, a playful attitude, and love of movement into every yoga class. As a teacher she aims to create space for her students to explore what brings them joy, freedom, and strength in both their practice and their lives.

Casie is expert in exploring and having fun. Her yoga classes always include creative combinations of poses and opportunities to attempt something new. Casie creates flows that are very challenging, but offers plenty of options for beginners and those with injuries or other limitations. She is also warm, welcoming and friendly.
— Diana LaScala-Gruenwald
I love practicing with Casie. I didn’t know much about yoga when I started, but her classes were light hearted and fun! I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, even when falling on my face. She has great pacing where you can challenge yourself but are able to slow down if needed. One thing I love is how she clearly explains each pose and how to transition safely to them. She doesn’t just use the Sanskrit names, but explains the movements in a way I understood as a beginner. Anytime I can get into her class I know I’ll have fun in a stress free, no pressure environment!

After Casie moved out of our area, I did some small group privates with my boyfriend when we went through her new area. She is amazing one-on-one! BF felt really comfortable and we had a blast! She was able to combine strength poses to keep him really engaged and we both sweat our butts off. We’ve done privates with her about 10 times when we get a chance and every time is worth it! She brings a great energy that makes everything fun.
— Maureen McGuire
Casie is an incredible yoga teacher! I have done yoga off and on in the past with the interest of sticking to it, but never really found a yoga class that challenged me. Since starting yoga with Casie, I’ve been going for 6 months! Her classes are challenging, fun, inspiring and always different. I can see a difference in my strength and overall flexibility and am so grateful I found her class!
— Jillian Tebbe